1. Fertilizing Your Lawn Properly in Georgia

    Start by aerating your lawn. If you don’t have one already, pick up a manual or powered lawn aerator from you nearest hardware store. Aeration does two things for your lawn. For one, it opens up the ground to allow water and nutrients from fertilizer down to the roots. Over time, the dirt can comp…Read More

  2. We Are More Than Landscapers in Atlanta, GA

    WeedPro Lawn Care is set apart form the other Landscapers in Atlanta, GA because this is our passion not our job. We want your yard to be the best it can be and we do more than just come in and plant some plants. We look at what best fits your needs and what it is that you desire, we also take the t…Read More

  3. Lawn Care in Atlanta, GA Starts With Your Soil

    WeedPro Lawn Care knows that your soil is the foundation for your Lawn Care in Atlanta, GA. There are microorganisms that are essential to the growth of your lawn and they flourish in healthy balanced soil, we start by looking at your soil and determining what needs to be addressed there. …Read More

  4. Offering Organic Weed Control in Atlanta, GA

    What we put into the environment is what we return to ourselves, that is why at WeedPro Lawn Care we offer Organic Weed Control in Atlanta, GA. In order to be truly organic there can not be the use of any man made ingredients or any chemical alteration. This used to be costly and…Read More

  5. Keeping an Eye on Your Lawn in Winter

    Winter marks the end of intensive lawn care in most places. As the temperature of the air drops, the lawn’s cravings to grow do as well. Most strains of grass will turn dormant throughout the winter and stop growing. They will do just enough to stay alive, but that’s about it. This means you’l…Read More

  6. Planting Deer Resistant Plants

    For garden planters in Cumming, Georgia, the frequent interruptions and disruptions of deer munching on various plants has long since been a common occurrence.  While the natural beauty of deer in the backyard is awfully hard to beat, their constant appetites have the ability to ruin a garden. Whet…Read More

  7. Bagging Your Lawn versus Mulching It

    Mowing the lawn is something that you are going to be doing about once a week, depending on where you live and what the weather conditions are like. Since people who mow the lawn will be doing this chore a lot over the summer and into the fall, the question of bagging the clipping versus simply mulc…Read More

  8. Insects in Your Garden: The Friendly Invasion

    Everywhere you look for tips on gardening, you learn about nets, pesticides, and other techniques of keeping living things from invading your garden. They come in hordes during the growing season and seem to know just when to appear (just when your plants are starting to show maturity). Many garden …Read More