At first you might think that the title of this blog sounds pretty silly. Ask “why is irrigation so important to a lawn,” and the answer is obvious: grass craves water! You certainly don’t water it with coffee or an energy drink. So while that part might be obvious, you still have to ask why people have irrigation systems. After all, Atlanta gets around 50 inches of rain per year, 25% more than the national average. Is an irrigation system really that important? Should you invest in sprinkler repair once it goes down?

Sometimes the Weather Won’t Give You What You Need

One reason that so many people have irrigation systems is that the weather isn’t always going to be on your side. Sure, we get lots of rain, but there are years when your lawn is at the mercy of the sun for weeks before the rain returns. During drought times, it’s important to be able to turn on the sprinkler system so that your grass doesn’t go dormant too early, or, even worse, die.

The Sun’s Always Fighting You

Is it hot in the Atlanta area? If you’re reading this blog in late-spring, summer, or early fall, you know just how bad it can be.

The sun is always against you, and in the hottest months even a few days without water can make your lawn suffer. During these hottest days, even if you don’t use enough water to keep your lawn absolutely lush, a sprinkler system is an excellent way to sustain it. The sun isn’t going to give up the fight to fry your lawn, so that means proper irrigation is incredibly important. A system that needs sprinkler repair isn’t going to help you much at all.

When You Need Something Watered Right Away

Let’s say you’re having lawn fertilizer service performed and it’s necessary to water the lawn first in order to make the fertilizer sticks to each blade. You certainly can’t rely on it to rain just before we get there, and it’s even less likely that it will stop at the right time so that we can get to work! Sometimes you need to water at a specific time, and that’s where a properly-maintained sprinkler system comes in.

When You Get Tired of Hauling Out the Garden Hose

Some of you out there do water, even without having an in-ground sprinkler system. There are many types of above-ground sprinklers that you simply attach to a hose. While cheaper than a permanent system, they certain have their drawbacks. First, you have to get out and move it periodically so that it covers a greater area of your lawn. Second, since it’s coming from a single source (as opposed to multiple sprinkler heads), it’s harder to get proper coverage; some parts are watered once while other parts are watered three or more times. Finally, there’s always the chance that you’re going to accidently leave one of those transportable sprinklers on all night. When this happens, you could wake up to an overwatered lawn that overflowed into your basement.

Irrigations systems are important in the Atlanta area, but if it’s broken it’s not doing you much good. Contact WeedPro and we’ll take care of your sprinkler system repair!