There is something pristine about a fresh green lawn, but just one spot of dryness or a yellow patch can ruin the curb appeal. Your lawn is the first thing visitors and neighbors will see as they arrive at your home, and that means it is an important aspect to making a good impression.

A green lawn gives the impression that you make your yard a priority; it also creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Cultivating a perfectly green yard, free of dry patches will ensure that your lawn is important to the maintenance of your home.

Understanding the causes of dry patches can help you make the best decisions as you strive to maintain your lawn, and treat any dry patches that may appear.

There are a few main causes of dry patches, some of the most prevalent that you should consider are:


An insect infestation can lead to dry patches; these patches will start small, and begin to grow quickly over time. These patches need to be taken care of as soon as possible before they have a chance to grow too large. The best method to take care of infestation is to remove the dry grass, water, fertilize, and seed.

Seasonal Dryness

This occurs both in the winter and summer months as intense weather hits it. Seasonal dryness is best served with fertilization in the spring, higher grass cutting, and sufficient watering.


If your pet is frequently depositing waste in your yard, this can lead to dry and yellowed patches. To combat these patches, you should take care of waste promptly, and water regularly.

Keeping your grass green despite these challenges may seem difficult, but with these tips a green, dry patch free lawn is well within your grasp.

Make your lawn a priority today, and begin taking care of any dry patches that may appear throughout the year. If you have any questions or concerns as you care for your lawn, contact the experts at WeedPro today!