1. Weed Pro – May Calendar

    FIRST WEEK  *Selected Lawn Care Treatment Program Application (Round #3 April/May) Post-emergence Weed Control for Turf and Beds Apply post-emergent weed control as needed. *Tree & Shrub Program   http://weedpro.com/Organic_Tree_Shrub/organic_tree_shrub.html (Round #3 May/June)Pruning of All …Read More

  2. Weed Pro (Weed Alert)!!

      http://weedpro.com/Education/edu_video.php?sec=1&vid=pigweed Pigweed - is a very common annual weed that grows during the spring growing season.  The roots of the plant are very shallow and it prefers both dry and moist soil conditions so it can establish itself almost anywhere if al…Read More

  3. Award Winning Flowers!!..

    All-America Winners.. http://www.weedpro.com/Flowers/flowers.html All-America Selections (AAS) has announced its 2010 Flower Award winner and Bedding Plant Award winners. Flower Award Winner: ‘Mesa Yellow’ gaillardia (blanket flower) ‘Mesa Yellow’ quickly fills in containers,…Read More

  4. Weed Pro – April Calendar

    FIRST WEEK Divide over-wintered baskets of Boston fern into four sections. Plant new hanging baskets using two sections of fern in each. Plant dahlias, elephant ear, gladiolus and caladiums now. Examine the backside of euonymous and holly leaves for the white crust that signifies scale insects. Thor…Read More

  5. Weed Pro – Ground Bee

    We’re all familiar with honeybees that live in colonies but ground bees prefer the solitary life. They nest in burrows in the ground. Look for a mound of soil standing two inches high, with a quarter-inch hole in the center. Each ground bee female digs her own individual burrow to rear young. …Read More

  6. Potential for Frost Across Georgia Looming Early Next Week

    If you are like many Georgia residents, you have broken out the shorts and t-shirts. Across much of Georgia, plant material is in the same mood, with buds breaking on all but the latest plant material. However, you need to be aware that the weather is about to take a typical spring swing to colder t…Read More