The word “organic” is thrown around a lot lately. In most instances it’s in reference to the food you eat (or, if you don’t care, then it’s referring to the more expensive versions of food that you don’t eat!). You’ll see it on cotton sheets, bamboo chopsticks, or many other items that come into contact with a person’s skin or mouth.

But what about organic weed control and fertilizer? After all, you’re not eating your grass. Why would someone choose organic lawn care over traditional methods? Glad you asked!

First of All, What is Organic Lawn Care?

There are two basic types of lawn care: organic and synthetic. Organic came first, of course. While most people didn’t even have a lawn 100 years ago, the elite could employ dozens of lawn care workers to tend the lawns at their estates. It’s easier to not care about weeds when you can have people on hand whose sole purpose it is to dig each and every one out to the ground. Manual labor is certainly organic!

As people moved to the suburbs, they started to care about how their grass looked. Chemical fertilizers that were used in growing crops could be tweaked to help lawns grow, and nobody seemed to care that it was synthetic.

As more and more people become concerned with the overuse of chemicals in the environment, organic has once again become a popular option. WeedPro Lawn Care actually uses a combination of synthetic and organic lawn care processes in order get the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Organic?

While you won’t be eating your grass, there is a certain amount of landscaping that comes into contact with your skin. Many people like to walk barefoot on the grass, or lie on it and stare up at the sky. Others exercise outdoors on the lawn, including performing yoga. Even if you don’t touch the grass directly, you have fewer chemicals on the ground that get tracked into the house on shoes and pant cuffs.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer

What do plants crave? Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the three most common chemicals that they need to grow in addition to water and carbon. While these can be delivered in synthesized versions, they are also available in natural forms. WeedPro Lawn Care uses the perfect combination of organics and synthetics in order to give your lawn exactly what it wants.

Weeding Out the Weeds

Feeding a lawn often means feeding the weeds too. That’s why there are additional steps that have to be taken in order to prevent the weeds from growing. Organic weed control is about encouraging the aspects of your soil that help your grass grow while making it an unfriendly environment to weeds.

Dealing With the Insects

While plant and insect relationships are sometimes beneficial to both (think flowers and honeybees), flora and fauna are often at odds. Caterpillars eat leaves, aphids destroy rose bushes, and wasps can create galls.

The same battle is going on in your grass, and it’s often very bug specific. Some ants are beneficial, while others can destroy a lawn. Grubs are almost always a lawn’s enemy, and do you really want fleas in your grass for any reason? Our organic pest control can make sure that the lawn we’ve worked so hard on isn’t taken over by insects and other critters that would do it harm.

Top Dressing

When it comes to organic lawn care, top dressing is one of the most under-utilized services our lawn care company offers. Top dressing involves improving your soil by adding new, organic soil to the top layer of your existing soil. Over time, this new layer of soil becomes a part of your lawn; this replaces nutrients to the soil that have been lost due to years of runoff, poor lawn maintenance, thatch buildup, or grass clipping removal. It also adds beneficial microbes back into your soil and improves the overall microbial diversity to your lawn.

Protecting the Garden

Weed and insect sprays, as well as grass fertilizers, can make their way into gardens. If you’re

concerned about synthetic chemicals getting into your garden soil or water supply, you’ll probably want to talk to use about using fewer synthetic chemicals and improving your lawn with top dressing.

Protecting the Environment

Many people who are interested in our organic lawn care aren’t just interested in organic lawn care in order to protect their own lawns. They also interested in protecting the entire planet, and that means using as few synthetic chemicals as possible. Doing so keeps these chemicals out of waterways and groundwater, and using less of them reduces demand for the chemicals in the first place.

If you’re interested in organic lawn care, you’re not alone. Contact the experts at WeedPro and we’ll get you the best possible lawn with the fewest possible chemicals!