A well-tended, healthy lawn is a beautiful thing. But it takes more than just a sprinkler system and the occasional mowing to maintain a nice-looking lawn. From a distance, you might think your lawn looks good, but up close you notice spots of dead grass and other problems. The problem might be insects.

Insects love your lawn as much as you do. If you aren’t careful, you might have to pay a lot of money to repair the damage they cause. Now, insects might not be something you know a whole lot about, so maybe it is time you learned a little about them. WeedPro, your organic lawn care service in Atlanta, offers a little information about the insects you might find in your lawn.


The white grub is among the most damaging of all lawn pests. White grubs are the larvae of a wide variety of beetles. In the spring, summer and fall, these plump and juicy larvae feast on your grass roots just below the surface.

Most beetles complete their life cycle in a year. Adult beetles mate and the female lays the eggs in the soil. In two weeks, the larvae hatch and the grubs immediately begin feeding on your lawn.

The damage to your lawn begins with signs of wilted grass blades, soon followed by brown patches.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are small, red or black insects with a white spot on their back. If you examine your grass near the soil surface, you might spot them. If there is an area of your lawn that is turning yellow, it might be due to these pests.

Armyworms and Cutworms

Armyworms and cutworms are big, fleshy caterpillars that love spending their days feeding upon your grass. Though a major problem for farm crops, these pests are not normally a problem for a homeowner unless there is an explosion in their population. When their population reaches plague-like status, you can expect them to move en mass to your lawn and leave a trail of devastation.

Mole Crickets

Mole crickets are a pest that can cause some pretty serious damage to your lawn. These pests tunnel through your soil and feast upon grass roots and other plant matter. If you have irregularly-shaped brown patches in your lawn that feel spongy when you walk on them, mole crickets could be the culprit.


Billbugs are weevils that spend all winter hiding out along the edge of your lawn. Come spring, they lay their eggs and the emerging grubs feast upon your lawn. The grubs are easily recognizable with their copper-colored heads and white, legless bodies.


Greenbugs are aphids that are almost transparent on your grass blades. These pests suck the juices out of plants and grass until they turn brown and die. The best way to determine if your lawn is infested with these insects is by getting down on your hands and knees and carefully examining your lawn.

Sod Webworm

Sod webworms are the larvae of a night-flying moth. You might take note of these moths as they fly in a crazy zigzag pattern over your lawn at night. To confirm the presence of sod webworms, grab a flashlight and examine your lawn at night.

Not all bugs are bad news for your lawn. Here are a few insects you want to find in your yard and garden.

Assassin Bugs

Don’t be fooled by their name, these bugs are the good guys and you want them on your lawn. These black and orange bugs prey upon the caterpillars and other insects that love eating your grass and other plants. The assassin bug targets and eliminates the very insects that kill your lawn.


Ladybugs are colorful critters that are actually quite cute. These beetles are not only attractive, they fest upon the very insects that kill your lawn including mealybugs, aphids and scales. If you spot ladybugs in your lawn, leave them be and let them help keep your lawn green and healthy.


Lacewings have slender bodies and distinctive, long delicate wings. They spend their days eating moth eggs, caterpillars, aphids and other pests that destroy your lawn.

WeedPro Lawn Care offers a preventative treatment for grub control in the early summer, just after they hatch. Contact us if you are concerned about pests in your lawn.