Let’s face it, first impressions matter. This is why we fuss over what we are going to wear for a job interview and it is why we spend so much time in front of a mirror before we go on that first date. First impressions also matter when you are trying to sell your home. In fact, it matters a lot.

Back in the day, before we had internet, a buyer would get an address of a home for sale from their real estate agent. The buyer would drive to the home and decide if they want to proceed with an actual showing. In an effort to get buyers to want to come inside and see their house, sellers would spend time and money painting their front door, weeding the garden and doing whatever they can to make the appearance of the outside of their home more attractive.

Curb appeal was a very important aspect of selling your home.

Now, some might say that because we can view pictures of the inside of homes for sale on the internet, that curb appeal isn’t as critical. But those who feel that way would be wrong.

You see, more than 80 percent of people who see a home they like for sale on the internet will initially drive by it before choosing a showing. This means that if you have poor curb appeal, you can expect potential buyers to pass up on your home. Which is a really good reason to utilize organic lawn care in Atlanta from WeedPro Lawn Care. Here is a checklist for greater curb appeal and a greater potential to sell your home for as much as possible as soon as possible.


The first thing any potential buyer is going to notice when they pull up in front of your home is the yard. A yard that has healthy, lush grass gives the impression that the home is well-tended and the buyer will be more confident that the rest of the house has been tended just as well.

If you have a lawn full of dead spots and is full of weeds, it could cause people to just turn around and go away. And if nobody feels inclined to see the inside of your home, you stand little chance of selling your home.


You don’t need to have a complicated garden full of blossoming flowers and well-kept gnomes, but it will help. Any garden that is free from weeds and clutter will add curb appeal to your home. A garden that is extraordinary will prompt buyers to want to see the inside of your home.


When people are walking up to your front door, will they be tripping on broken patio stones or a broken sidewalk? Will they trip on a skateboard or some other object? You don’t need to have a fancy walkway to your front door, just one that isn’t broken and free from children’s toys and other objects.


Every homeowner thinking about putting their house on the market should consider having a new roof installed. In many cases, your roof will need at least some work done to it. In doing so, you increase your curb appeal and stand a greater chance of selling your home as quickly as possible.


Not only should your windows be in good working order and clean, you should check to see if the window sills need a fresh coat of paint. Many times, just a few coats of paint here and there on the exterior of your house is enough to transform the way it looks.

Front Door

It is a good idea to either paint or replace your front door as you will be surprised by how much difference it will make in curb appeal. A front door that is not fresh and clean is not very welcoming at all.


Check your front porch light and you might be surprised to discover that is is in pretty bad shape. You also might notice that it is in pretty good shape, but seriously outdated. A new front porch light is an inexpensive and easy fix that will give you greater curb appeal.

Get started on increasing your home’s curb appeal by calling WeedPro Lawn Care.