As winter comes to a close and spring is about to begin, the time is about to arrive for us to get started on warm weather lawn care.  As you consider your lawn care for the coming year, you may be considering organic options.

Before you get started on this year’s lawn care, it is important that you understand the benefits of the transition to organic lawn care.  The experts at Weedpro are here to help.

Here is a list of the 5 most intriguing benefits of organic lawn care to help your transition go a little bit more smoothly.

1. It’s Non-Toxicbench-1376654-m

This may seem a bit obvious, but the number one benefit of organic lawn care is the lack of toxicity.  This means that anyone on your lawn will be safe from harm, and that both your lawn and your guests will be well taken care of.

Organic lawn care will make your yard a safe place for your pets and children while still giving your lawn top-notch care.

2. It Will Remove the Need for Pest Control

In an organic and natural environment, it is almost never necessary to invest in pest control.  A natural environment is conducive to better management of an ecosystem that is self-sustaining and maintaining.

The balance provided by organic lawn care usually completely removes the need for pest control.

3. Costs Will Decrease over Time

Although high costs are often a major deterrent for potential organic customers, with organic lawn care, you can count on your costs decreasing over time.  Though the initial cost may be high, the lack of need for pesticides will greatly decrease your long-term costs.

4. Enriched Soil

An organic lawn care system is sure to increase the quality of your soil and enrich it with nutrients that will aid your lawn.  Because there are no chemicals in organic lawn care products, they can improve the quality of your soil without introducing any negative effects.

5. It’s a Greener Alternative

Not only are organic lawn care practices good for your own lawn, they are also beneficial to the environment at large.  If we were to rely solely on organic lawn care, we would consume far fewer fossil fuels in creating lawn care products.

As spring is around the corner, now is the time to switch to organic products.  Contact Weedpro today for more information on making the switch.