The reasons we invest in residential lawn care are pretty obvious. After all, we all like the look of a green lawn. Not only that, but we love to walk on soft, weed-free lawn and treat our children to a cushy playing surface. Socially, we’re all expected to keep a nice-looking lawn, and might actually be contractually obligated to do so under HOA guidelines.

But what about businesses? Why is it so important for businesses to invest in commercial lawn care? Here are a few reasons why businesses need lawn care more than ever.

Customers Judge a Business Before They Walk Through the Door

There’s a reason that businesses spend so much on having an inviting exterior, with custom windows, doors, and trim. They also spend hours getting their wares in the window to look as inviting as possible so that people will stop by, or putting up posters to lure people in.

But it’s not just the exterior of the building that’s important; how well the lawn is maintained is just as likely to change a customer’s opinions about the business. Dead grass, weeds, broken branches hanging from trees, and a dozen other lawn care mistakes can lead to a negative impression of the business, whether consciously or subconsciously to the customer.

Well-maintained grounds give customers a positive impression of the business, whether they are aware of it or not. That’s where commercial landscaping comes in, ensuring there’s nothing that might give your customers a bad impression of your business before they even get to the front door.

Customers Will Judge You As They Wait

If a customer sits in any room long enough, they’ll start to notice the small imperfections. There’s a crack where the wall meets the ceiling, a stain on a chair, a speck of paint that’s flecked off. That’s why it’s important to keep the interior of your business in good shape.

The same is true as customers look out the window, no matter whether they’re waiting for an oil change or sitting there eating the food you’ve just served them. They’re going to notice if the mulch has washed away, if the trees have ugly pruning wounds, or if the shrubs are dying. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional commercial landscaping service so that customers’ eye have something nice to look at at all times.

Broken Sprinkler Systems Can Make You A Business Look Bad

A broken sprinkler system can lead to many negative opinions of your business. Let’s take a look at broken sprinkler heads first. If a sprinkler head is shooting gallons of water just a few feet into the air, people will look down on your business for wasting water. They’ll also think of you negatively for failing to take care of a simple repair; “if they can’t fix a simple sprinkler head, can I trust them to put tires on my car?”

Broken sprinklers can also lead to damage to your business’ lawn. The water is meant to be sprayed onto your lawn, or even better yet, dripped. But when those gallons of water from a broken sprinkler head fly into the air, it comes down with a lot of force. When that happens, dirt washes away and the grass’ roots are exposed. Having that sprinkler repair taken care of immediately is the best way to prevent even more problems.

Of course, a sprinkler system in need of repair can also prevent your lawn from getting any water whatsoever, leaving it to burn in the hot Atlanta sun. You can avoid that with professional sprinkler repair.

Seasonal Planting Can Lift Customers’ Moods

Lucky for you, our lawn care service is there every month of the year to update your landscaping for each season. This not only means that we’ll do the proper pruning and winterizing. It means that we can install plants that will have the right colors when they bloom; oranges in fall, bright colors in spring, blues and purples in summer. We can also plant annuals at different times of the year that reflect the colors that customer are hoping to see. This is especially important around the holidays, when shoppers look forward to seeing the oranges, browns, and tans that signify that the holidays are here!

Commercial lawn care is important to every business, whether it’s an entire shopping mall or a simply strip of grass welcoming customer to your front door. Check out what we can do!