Here at WeedPro Lawn Care, we’ve built our reputation as lawn mowing and landscaping experts by treating our customers, and their lawns, with the utmost respect. For years we’ve honed our craft in lawn care, and only hire the best employees we can find when we expand. During that time we’ve learned a lot about lawn care.

During that time we’ve seen many customers come to us hoping that we can save their lawns. Many of them are coming from other lawn care companies that haven’t treated their lawn with any respect whatsoever, either because the service was rushing the job or was simply ignorant of the right way to treat lawns in the Atlanta area. Most of the time we are able to help our new customers, and suddenly (or, in truth, over time) we’re their new best friends who have saved their lawn while using fewer chemical and less water.

Let’s take a look at a few of the worst things a lawn company can do when they taking care of lawn trimming and other lawn care service.

Cutting the Grass Too Short

One huge mistake that many people, including inexperienced lawn care services, make is to cut the grass too short. Scalping the grass essentially sends the grass into shock, making it hard to make food. Remember, it’s the green part, not the roots, that is performing photosynthesis, so you certainly don’t want to remove too much of the grass blade. Cutting it too short also allows weeds to spring up and overshadow the grass, growing larger and stealing even more nutrients. It also leaves the grass more susceptible to bug infestations and fungus, simply because it’s been given too much to do in trying to regrow itself.

Not Mowing Often Enough

Some customers come to us complaining that they paid their previous landscaping by the month, thinking they’d get weekly service. Unfortunately, the lawn mowing only happened once every two week, which means that the company would either scalp the grass (as we mentioned above) or let it get too long before mowing again.

When you let the grass get too tall, it can prevent shorter blades from getting enough sun. It can also lead to grass where each blade gets too thick, sometimes goes to seed. Weekly lawn mowing service is the best option so that the grass stays at a perfect height and stays healthy.

Not Sharpening the Blade

It’s important for your lawn service to keep the lawn mower blades sharp. First of all, the grass simply doesn’t look as good if the mower blade isn’t sharp. More important is the fact that a dull blade damages each blade of grass, hurting the grass in much the same way as when it’s cut too short and allowing diseases more of an opportunity to take hold.

Fertilizing Too Much

A green lawn is easy. All you have to do is over-fertilize it. Well, that’s what a less-experienced lawn care service might do in order to keep you happy for a short time. But lawns can get addicted to this “spoon fed” method and fail to establish appropriate systems. When that happens, they’re more susceptible to disease and drought, something that no amount of fertilizer is going to fix. Plus, the synthetic fertilizers tend to dehydrate a lawn, essentially burning it.

Instead of overusing synthetic fertilizers, a better method is to do whatever you can to make the soil healthier. This includes lawn aeration, organic fertilizers, and soil amendments (including top dressing) that improves the soil at macro- and microscopic levels. Doing so helps your grass’ roots grow deeper.

Not Knowing the Grass

Perhaps the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a less-than-reputable lawn service is not knowing what kind of grass they’re dealing with. There are many types of grasses that grow in our area of the country, and each of them has different needs. Some have deep roots, some have to be overseeded all the time. Other grass goes dormant much earlier in the season, and a person unfamiliar with it could think that something was wrong with it.

We know grass. We’ll let you know what type of grass you have and treat it appropriately. This will help us determine the amount of water it needs, how it needs to be cut, how to overseed (if necessary), and also the type of fertilizer that will work best on it.

Watering Too Much

Lawn mowing service doesn’t always include the use of the irrigation system, but when it does the more ignorant lawn care services will often abuse the watering as much as they do the fertilizers. The problem is, watering too much is bad for a lawn for a few reasons. First and foremost, watering makes life too easy on your grass. If it’s constantly getting water at the surface, there’s no reason to for it to send roots deeper. If the customer suddenly found themselves in need or irrigation repair, the grass could die many times faster during a drought because of its shallow root system.

Watering too much can also lead to an outbreak of fungus. Fungus loves two things: the dark and moisture. When there’s more water than the ground can absorb, it just sits on top of the soil and becomes a great place for fungus and diseases to thrive. This is made even worse if the grass is too tall because of the excessive shade it’s creating as it falls over.

There you have it, horror stories from customers who were unlucky enough to start with lawn care “experts” who really didn’t know what they were doing. If you’re looking for lawn care services that deals with the lawn as a whole instead of ignoring many of its parts, contact WeedPro Lawn Care today!