The average retired American has an extra eight hours of leisure time every weekday. So what do you think they do? Many will spend more time doing boring things in and around the house like watching television, cleaning the bathroom and weeding the garden. That really doesn’t sound like very much fun. In fact, if that is all there is to look forward to in retirement, we think continuing to work is the best option.

After spending decades in the workforce, retirees finally have complete control over how they spend their time. And you can bet that many people will not want to spend their retirement doing mundane and labor-intensive yard work. Leave all of that to WeedPro, your lawn mowing and lawn care service in Alpharetta.

Here is a list of things you should be doing when you retire.

Join an Art Class

Making art feeds the spirit. Which is why when you retire, you will notice many people seeking an art class to relearn the skills they abandoned years ago.

Community colleges offer art classes and arts and craft stores often offer workshops. These are ways in which you can try a new medium without having to spend a whole lot of money.

Learn to Cook

Cooking and eating are wildly popular pastimes. So upon retirement, you should look into learning how to cook. Sure, you have been cooking all of your life, but it’s time to scrap the boxed mac and cheese and Hamburger Helper and learn something new.

Look for a French or Thai cooking class, one that teaches knife skills, and learn how to create dishes that will impress friends and family.

Learn a New Language

You are never too old to learn. Our brains are changeable and not set in concrete, which means even at retirement we hold the capability to learn new things. Not only will learning a new language prove to be challenging and fun, there are health benefits as well. Studies show that learning a foreign language can slow the inevitable age-related cognitive decline.


Volunteering is a route that many retirees find rewarding. From helping a small business on a project to mentoring children, there are plenty of opportunities. It is very rare that a nonprofit wouldn’t have something for you to do. And helping a child is a whole lot more satisfying than weeding a garden or mowing your lawn.

Take Up a Sport

Golfers don’t worry about what to do with all of their free time, they are far too busy chasing that white ball around on the course. In your working years, you didn’t have the time to take up a sport, much less take up a sport and get good at it. But when you retire, you have all of the time you need to learn how to golf, bowl, ski or whatever you want to do and actually get good at it.

A bad day at the golf course is always better than a boring day tending your lawn.


Taking a bus to visit your sister in Macon isn’t our idea of traveling. Buying a camper and visiting all corners of North America is considered traveling. You will spend a lot of time on the road, a lot of time discovering awesome places and when you get home, you can’t wait to plan your next adventure.

Go Back to School

Many of you may have always wanted to attend college or finish a degree. Retirement offers the perfect opportunity to do so. You might not be aware, but there are programs available that offer retirees reduced rates to go back to college. There are also scholarships available for seniors.

Try Something You Have Put Off

Now that you have retired, you have no excuse not to go skydiving or do any of the crazy things you said you would do if you had the time. Well, now you have the time, so make the best of it by getting out and finding new adventures. No matter how hard or silly or crazy the thing you want to do, it will certainly beat staying at home and watering your garden.

You are retired so go out and do all of the things you want to do and let WeedPro take care of your yard. Give us a call today.