dreamstime_xxl_1633137Better payoff. Less effort. That’s what happens when you take the proper steps to keep your soil healthy.

Imagine stepping onto your lush, green lawn with a lemonade in your hands. You couldn’t spot a weed if you tried – but you really don’t want to try because you’re just enjoying relaxing in your yard, free of worries.

You pull up a lawn chair and settle in with your favorite book, letting the grass tickle your bare feet. Before you lose yourself to your book, you pause to think about how glad you are that you took the time to understand proper lawn care and how to keep your soil healthy.

Now you can have this freedom of relaxation.

Why is Healthy Soil Important?

Lawn care has vexed homeowners and stolen many a Saturday from their hardworking hands for decades.

It can sometimes seem like we’re confronted with a new problem every time we turn around.

But proper lawn care is like healthy diet and exercise – when you take care of your body, you can expect to spend less time visiting the doctor. Likewise, if you keep your soil healthy, you can keep your plants and lawn growing beautifully – without taking extreme measures to fix problems down the road.

Keeping your soil healthy is the first important step. You’ll know you have healthy soil when it’s dark-colored and feels crumbly in your fingertips. But how do you get that healthy soil?

Use Well-Drained Soil

When your soil dries fast, it allows oxygen to reach the root zone – which means your roots will be healthier. Healthier roots mean a healthier soil.

You can know your soil isn’t draining correctly if you spot standing water.

Stay Off Wet Soil

Driving or walking on wet soil packs it down, which means crucial oxygen and water can’t get down to the roots.

Add Compost to Improve Your Soil

Compost makes a huge difference, allowing your soil to either hold or drain water more efficiently, depending on your soil’s needs. Here in Georgia, our soil is mostly clay, which means compost helps the soil drain correctly.

Compost also adds earthworms and other living things that contribute to the root health of your plants.

Apply Recommended Fertilizer

The right fertilizer at the right amount will help the health of your soil. If you aren’t sure if you’re using the right fertilizer, call the lawn experts at WeedPro. We’ll take all the contributing factors into consideration when recommending fertilizer that is ideal for your Georgia soil.

Use organic fertilizers to reduce toxins in and around your home. Weed Pro’s Lawn Care provides programs that reduce or completely eliminate the amount of synthetic chemicals used in your lawn.

This helps to keep your kids safe and your environment healthy. That’s something to rest easy about.

Wait for the right time to till your soil

Don’t till your soil when it’s wet. Otherwise, your soil will clump, which will destroy its composition. You can know when your soil is ready to be tilled when it crumbles in your hand.

Test Your Soil

You can get a complete look at your soil’s health by having the pros at WeedPro test your soil. Armed with this information, we can give you a customized approach to improving the health of your soil.

Soil testing is free in our Traditional Plus 8 Application Program.

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