If you’re like most people, your lawn is an important part of your property. People who stop by will first take a look at your home, but then it’s your landscaping that will draw them in. Lush grass is something we all want, but what will people think if there are bare patches? Are there weeds growing in the rocks? Is the tree half dead?

So you want to make sure that your lawn looks as good as possible, but to make it look its best takes a lot of research, time, and effort. You need to know exactly what your grass needs and how to attack the dozens of weeds that Georgia property owners find in their yards. Then you actually have to go out and act on that knowledge, hopefully not harming your lawn in the process.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to call a lawn care service and have it all taken care of for you by professionals? Yes. Yes it would. And if you’re looking for specific reasons to hire someone for landscaping, here they are!

You’ll Be Safer

Sometimes lawn mower injuries occur when people run over their own toes, other times it’s when children run out in front of the mower. Others are caused when people try to take their mower or riding mower up or down too steep a grade, with the mower sliding back or tumbling over them. No matter for the reason, there are over 20,000 lawn mower-related accidents every year, which lead to around 75 deaths. And when a person doesn’t die, more than 600 amputations have to be performed. Hiring someone to take care of your lawn mowing is an excellent first step to ensuring you don’t become a statistic.

Of course, many people who shouldn’t be mowing are out mowing anyway. Atlanta is hot, and people often have heart attacks when they engage in an extreme activity after having failed to perform any other exercise during the week. (The same thing happens when people shovel after a large snowstorm, not something we have to worry about much around here.) While we encourage exercise, lawn mowing shouldn’t be the only physical activity in your life, because it could lead to a heart attack.

Get Rid of the Lawn Mower

There’s more than one reason to get rid of your lawn mower. For one, somebody on Craigslist would be happy to give you some money for it.

Space is another issue for many people. Lawnmowers take up a lot of space, and when you start talking about riding lawn mowers you’re losing a lot of your garage space to them. If you’re parking your car on the street so that you can protect your lawnmower in the garage, you should remember that cars that stay out in the elements suffer much more wear and tear than ones that spend time in the garage. We’re not saying that hiring a residential lawn care service could end up saving you money on car repairs, but…well, maybe it could!

Get Rid of that Gas Can!

When you hire someone to take care of your grass cutting, you’ll be able to get rid of the gas can too. First of all, gas is poisonous to humans and animals, both in liquid and gaseous form. And why keep such a flammable substance around? It’s also a pain to have to fill up at a gas station, especially if you run out right in the middle of grass cutting. Get rid of that gas can and there’s another square foot you’ve reclaimed from your garage!

Fewer Chemicals In Your Garage

If you fertilize your lawn, you need to make sure to get the right amount of fertilizer on it. But the chances that you’ll buy a bag that has the perfect amount for your lawn is pretty slim. Your yard might be 1,500 square feet, but bags only come with enough to cover 1,000 or 2000 square feet. You’ll end up over- or under-fertilizing your lawn.

Of course, you could keep it in your garage until the next time you need it, but many people are reticent to do so. They have kids, or they have pets, or they simply don’t want to have anything that’s poisonous to humans around where it could cause trouble. On top of that, most synthetic fertilizer smells something awful!

Instead of keeping the extra, opened fertilizer in your shed or garage, why not have the exact amount brought to your lawn by weed control experts? When the proper amount has been applied, you don’t have to keep any around your house!

Take Your Time Back

Isn’t there something you’d rather be doing with your time rather than sweating out in front of the neighbors? You could read a book, head to the store, bake a cake, or, hey, make some lemonade and offer it to the people who have come to take care of your lawn care!

Here’s another way to handle it. If you have a way to make money from home, work that extra time while we’re taking care of your lawn service. You might be able to get the best in lawn mowing and pay for it with the extra work you do, all without getting injured or having a heart attack.

We Believe In Education, But…

Like we mentioned in the second paragraph up above, there’s a lot of research that goes into having to get a lawn to look the way you want it to. It takes a thorough knowledge of the type of grass you have, including its life cycle, how deep the roots go, how much water it needs, and the proper type of fertilizer to use. To match the type of soil care we provide, you’d have to become at expert at top dressing and the right kinds of soil amendments that are needed in Atlanta. Add to that researching the best way aerate your lawn, the knowledge it takes to perform proper sprinkler repair, and the dozens of weeds (and their weaknesses) that can show up in Georgian lawns, and it becomes clear that hiring professionals is the fastest way to a healthy lawn.

We believe you should be educated about your lawn, and we’d be happy to answer any questions. But learning the collective knowledge of our employees would take quite a few years in college!

There are some people who can never be talked out of taking care of their own lawn mowing and landscaping, and we respect that. But if you’re here reading this blog, it’s pretty obvious that you wouldn’t mind some help in order to get the best lawn care available. Check out our services and we think you’ll like what you see.