Finding the right lawn care service used to be an iffy endeavor. You’d pick up the phone book and find one that had the flashiest ads. If they were too expensive, you might call the next and then invite them to come mow your yard. If they didn’t do a good job, it was back to square one.

While we’re glad to be (mostly) beyond the phone book era, finding the right commercial or residential lawn care has gotten both easier and harder at the same time. You have quick access to more lawn care companies and can get free quotes for lawn service faster than ever before. But you still have to pick which landscaper will be best for your needs. Let’s take a look at the best way to vet a lawn care company in the Atlanta area.

Make Sure They Have Experience

Everyone has to start somewhere, so we’re not going to begrudge a new lawn mowing and weed control service from starting up. But anyone with a computer and a few bucks can register as a lawn care company in just a few minutes, then put up a website for $8 and start showing up at people’s front doors with a lawn mower in tow. They’ve mowed their own lawn before, so how hard can lawn care be?

Well, lawn service is very hard, as it turns out! Like just about every profession in the world, there’s a lot more to it than you can see on the surface. You’ll want someone working on your lawn who won’t do any of these horrible things to destroy it, such as cutting it too short during lawn mowing or using a chemical that scorches you grass.

A lawn care company with experience like WeedPro will hire the absolute best available landscapers in the state. Plus, the larger the company is, the more experts it will have on hand who specialize in lawn care services.


When most people think lawn care, their first thought goes to grass cutting. After that, fertilizer might come to mind. But lawn service is so much more, and when you go with a company like WeedPro you’re going to be able to get every service a lawn needs. You don’t want to be limited in what a lawn company can provide, because then you have to research one company for lawn mowing, another for organic weed control, a different one for grub control, and yet another to deal with fungus problems.

In the end, choosing one company that can do all of the above is a much better choice. Not only is it easier, but a single company can make a plan and provide more cohesive service.

Play It Safe With Chemicals

An inexperienced company will toss too much synthetic fertilizer on the lawn in order to make it green up as quickly as possible. Sure, it looks good for a while, but this spoon-fed method doesn’t make the grass any healthier. Plus you have to worry about walking around barefoot in your backyard.

Any fertilizer put on your yard should be there in order to make your lawn healthier. This includes organic fertilizer that encourages the healthy organisms to thrive in soil. It also means treatments such as top dressing the soil, which will add nutrients that have been used up or washed away (and cover exposed tree roots in the process).

Smart lawn care companies are learning that making grass healthy naturally is the best way to make customers happy. It’s not only good for the environment; it’s also good for the lawn!

Find A Lawn Care Service With Integrity

This might be the aspect of vetting that’s hard to suss out. How do you know if a lawn care company will do everything it can to improve the health of your lawn without ripping you off? Of course there’s word of mouth and online reviews (which we’ll discuss below), but you can also contact the Better Business Bureau. Most important, if a lawn service company doesn’t treat you right, dump them! There are many more out there who will work harder for your business. There’s no reason to be loyal to a company that’s not loyal to you.

So How Do You Find the Right Lawn Care?

We’ve let you know about some of the most important questions to ask about lawn care, but how do you find the company that will meet all your needs? In the amount of time it takes to mow your lawn once, you could do an hour’s worth of research that will guide you to the right lawn care service. Here’s how to spend your time.

  • Talk to your neighbors – If you notice a neighbor’s yard looking nice, ask them about it. Pay attention to the lawn care vehicles that are in your neighborhood, and ask your neighbors if they’re happy with their care.
  • Google it! – Take a look at Google reviews, and make sure that they have a good amount of reviews. A five-star company with only three reviews received those reviews from the business owner, the business owners wife, and the business owner’s mother! But you can be sure that a 4.7-star company with over a hundred reviews has received those reviews legitimately.
  • Look at their website – Does the company have what you need? Are they offering top dressing, overseeding, and core aeration to supplement the weed control, or do they just do lawn mowing? You don’t want to contact them if they don’t have what you need, or hire one that says “yeah, we do that sometimes.”

We’re proud to say that we’ve been rated as Atlanta’s best lawn care service for seven years in a row. We’ve accomplished that by treating our customers right and providing them with the services — both traditional and cutting-edge — that they’re looking for. In short, we do lawn care and we do it right! If you’d like a free quote from us, simply click here and we’ll be in touch with you.