res_maintenance_4All lawn care companies are not created equal and if you want a yard that your neighbors will envy, you need to find a good one. Anyone can fertilize the grass, but a true professional will do it right and be willing to come back if you have questions or concerns. The problem is that there are so many lawn care companies to choose from.

So how do you know if the company you’re considering hiring will meet you expectations? Follow this easy checklist below and make sure your provider can meet all 10 of these conditions.

1. Reputation

What are people saying about the company? This can be the biggest and easiest clue as to the quality of their services. A quick Internet search should be sufficient. Choose a company with a high customer satisfaction rate.

2. Proper Licensing

Make sure you a hire a company that is licensed and insured in order to protect yourself. If an employee gets hurt on your property and they aren’t licensed and insured, you are liable.

If possible, find a company that is also certified. This means that they have been trained on how to handle pesticides, and passed an exam. Certification may not be required in your state, but a real professional will take the extra step.

3. Customer Service

When you first inquired did they answer the phone, or at least call you back quickly? Try to find a company that has a dedicated office manager, or you might spend a lot of your time playing phone tag. An added bonus would be if you can communicate with them via text, email or social media quickly as well.

4. Equipment Maintenance

The best way to discover if you’re dealing with a pro or a dud is to ask your potential company how often they sharpen their blades. The general rule of thumb is that this should be done every 1-2 days, or after every 10 hours of mowing.

5. Contract Requirementsdreamstime_xxl_16241309

Most every lawn care company will require a long contract period, which is fine if you are satisfied with their service. Ask your provider if they are willing to give you a trial period without a contract, or at the very least, a shorter contract. They should be confident enough in their services to impress you in a short time frame.

6. Reliability

If you found a provider you like, you want to make sure they will stick around for a while. Ask for a few references to speak with to inquire about their satisfaction, pricing, reliability, and how long they’ve worked with them. This will give you a good picture of the business.

7. Service Guarantees

Most companies will guarantee satisfaction, but there are many different definitions of this statement. Find out what theirs really means. Do you qualify for full guarantee only if you are under a certain contract they offer? If they damage something, will they fix it, or just refund you the money?

8. Minimum Service Options

If you sign up are you required to receive all treatments, or are there different levels of service obligation? Will they give you a written contract of what is included in your service? The last thing you want is to be surprised at an overcharge because you were unaware they were adding extra services.

9. Flexibility

Would your provider be willing to make adjustments to your lawn care schedule? For example, would they be willing to skip an early spring treatment and instead apply a treatment in the fall?

10. Trained and Experienced Employees

Ask how much training their employees get before applying treatments to your lawn. All employees should know what they are applying, why, and how to do it. They should also be able to distinguish between weeds, insects, and various funguses and diseases.

Once you’ve found a company that you are confident in and comfortable with you can then move forward. Finding a professional and quality lawn care provider may take some time, but the results will be worth it!