dreamstime_xxl_1268409Having a green lawn can make a great first impression on new neighbors, and enhances curb appeal for family parties and prospective buyers, but keeping your lawn in good shape can be a difficult task.

One of the most important aspects of proper lawn care is simply knowing when to water your lawn.  This post will help you understand the best times to water your grass so you can keep your yard green and healthy every day!

How often to Water

The first part of the process is to understand how often you should be watering your grass.  Although it may be tempting to water for a short amount of time every day, it is a better idea to simply water your lawn deeply two or three times a week.

This will ensure that the roots get the water they need, instead of superficially watering the surface daily.

When to Water

Next, you need to know when watering is most effective.  Early in the morning is generally the best bet because the hot sun won’t be around to suck up all of the moisture. You will also be giving your lawn enough time to dry throughout the day.

A wet lawn all night long can lead to difficulties with mold and fungus which grows easily in a wet dark environment.  Watering in the evening leads to much more fungus, and watering in the middle of the day is ineffective because it doesn’t give the water the opportunity to penetrate the soil.

Knowing how and when to water your lawn is an important part of lawn care, and the experts at WeedPro are here to help you succeed.  Call us today to get your lawn in top form!