Summer is for outside, and there are plenty of reasons why you can’t wait to spend time in your backyard when winter is over. One reason is that summer is a great time for the family to gather in the backyard and play games. No doubt there are games from your youth that you are eager to introduce to your children. But there are also games that you probably have never heard of that the family will enjoy playing.

WeedPro Lawn Care, Your landscaping service in Alpharetta, introduces you to several outdoor games you can enjoy with the family this summer.


What kid doesn’t love to smack a ball around with a wooden mallet? In fact, most adults think smacking a ball around with a wooden mallet is pretty fun. Croquet is a retro game that many of you may have played as a kid. No need to spend a lot of money at the store for this game as you can easily find a decent set at the flea market or at a garage sale.


Bocce is a game that looks easy, but looks can be deceiving. You can make one good toss and feel good for a moment or two, until somebody knocks you aside minutes later.

Kan Jam

Kan Jam is a game that involves a Frisbee and trash cans. Basically, the gist of the game is to throw the Frisbee into the trash can. Yup, that’s pretty much it. But before you make a judgment, the game is fun to play and will get you moving around a bit.

Flashlight Tag

We are willing to bet that many of you played this version of tag as a kid. It is so much more fun than traditional tag because, well, you get to use a flashlight. You probably had to lug around dad’s huge flashlight that housed 4 size D batteries and weighed 3 pounds. You kids will get to play with tiny flashlights that weigh mere ounces and have LED lighting that enables them to light up the entire backyard.


It takes very little skill to learn how to throw a Frisbee and no child should grow up without having experienced this game.

Giant Jenga

There is a good chance that you and your family have enjoyed playing this game indoors on the dining room table. It may even be a game that you enjoy around the holidays. Jenga is a game that induces anxiety. And this anxiety increases exponentially as the tower grows taller and taller.

The giant version of this game will have you just as nervous and acting more carefully than ever as the tower can get as tall as you.


Cornhole is just one of many names this game has. Basically, it is a game in which you must toss bean bags into a hole on a board. This is a great outdoor game to play in the summer and fun for the entire family.

Giant Connect 4

Again, Connect 4 is a game that many of you probably play indoors ion the winter. It is a fun game that the entire family enjoys. Buy the giant Connect 4 and your family can enjoy playing the game in the backyard while getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

Wiffle Ball

Wiffle ball requires the most basic baseball skills to play, but the stakes are much lower. With plastic balls and bats, this game is much less likely to leave someone hurt. You can choose to pitch the Wiffle ball to batters and show off your mean curveball or you can hit off of a tee.

Ladder Golf

There is a lot of speculation as to how this game was invented and by whom. Rumor has it that the birth of ladder golf stems from cowboys who would throw live snakes at tree branches and fences for points. The good news is that the modern version of the game comes with rope strips to throw. No snakes are required.


The object of this game is to hit the shuttlecock back and forth over a fence and prevent it from hitting the ground. It is kind of like ping pong or tennis, but you don’t have to grunt every time you swing the racket.

If you want a perfectly landscaped backyard to enjoy these outdoor games this summer, give WeedPro Lawn Care a call.