When selling your home it’s tempting to only focus on how the inside looks, as this is where people will actually spend the majority of their time. However, most home buyers won’t even look inside your house if they don’t fall in love with the outside first!

The yard may not seem like a big deal, but think of a house as you would a book; you tend to judge what’s on the inside based solely on what’s on the front cover, or in this case, the front yard.

It’s all about curb appeal when selling and here is how you can make your house stand out from the others on the block.

Plan Aheadcta-1

If you know you will be moving, plan to make changes ahead of time when possible. If you wait until the last minute to fix dead spots on your lawn, you may not have enough time to make it presentable to buyers.

The Lawn

Buyers want to move into a home with bright, lush, green grass. Start treating any grass problems right away; hire professionals if needed. When the house is on the market, take time to regularly water and mow your lawn before showings.


Accentuate your manicured lawn and pretty plants with a fresh layer of mulch in the flowerbeds. This simple fix will look and smell pretty to your visitors.


Tidy up your flower beds and planter pots by pruning or removing dead plants. Also, if you plan on taking any plants with you, now is the time to dig them up and remove them.

Consider planting additional flowers, shrubs or bushes for extra pops of color if your landscape is lacking foliage or color. Remember to choose plants that grow well in your area, require little maintenance, and that look nice year round.

Keep in mind that you want your landscaping to lead their eyes to your front door. You may need to add some flowerpots on your porch or walkway to achieve this effect.


Prune or trim unsightly trees when necessary and clean up any fallen branches or leaves. Did you know that you can prune deciduous trees and shrubs any time of the year?

If a tree is sick or damaged it’s probably best to remove it. Your new homeowners won’t want to inherit a problem tree.


Just as you would clear off counters inside the kitchen, clear out any garbage, toys, clutter, etc from your yard. If you have pets and/or kids, make sure you clean up after them and keep their toys tucked away. Potential buyers don’t want to see evidence of your life; they want to be able to picture theirs!

Front Porch

If your yard passes the initial drive by then the buyers will want to see the inside of the house, give yourself a pat on the back! However, be sure you don’t lose them at this critical point. While the realtor is busy unlocking and opening the door you can bet the buyers will be inspecting the porch. They don’t want to see spider webs full of dead bugs and dirt! Stand where they will stand and clean everything within view.

Power Wash

You can make your home look as good as new again with a nice power wash! In fact, you can wash not only the house, but also almost any solid surface that looks dingy. Try washing your drive and walkways, fences, deck, stucco or siding, etc. Your house will sparkle and shine next to your neighbor’s!

With a little time and work, you can make your house irresistible to potential buyers. Of course, there is never any guarantee that your house will sell because of these changes, but it will definitely help!