Tree in the SunDecorating your lawn usually consists of grass, bushes, and flowers. They’re small, simple to plant, and give you almost instant gratification. However, trees can benefit your lawn much more in the long run. Here are a few reasons why you should plant a tree in your lawn.

Home Protection

In the bitter cold of winter and scorching heat of summer, your home needs protection – and not just from blasting the air conditioner or heater. Planting trees around your home can protect it from strong weather. In the summer, you can rely on the shade trees provide for cooler temperatures, and in the winter, trees will prevent cold winds from penetrating your home. Studies have shown that having trees block these severe temperatures can lower your bills by almost 12 percent.

Environmental Benefits

Trees are seen as sustainable gardening because they benefit the environment by filtering air and water. One tree can convert 330 pounds of carbon dioxide to oxygen – enough oxygen for four people. They can also remove pollution. The USDA found that trees in New York City removed more than 1,800 metric tons of pollution from the air.

Mental Benefits

Did you know that having trees around can help you on a psychological level as well? They have been known to reduce stress, especially for big city residents, who say they are much calmer and happier around trees. Even having just one tree can help relax your mind – but imagine how relaxed you could be with two trees and a hammock hung between them!

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