Now that school has started and fall weather has begun, winter is just around the corner. And that means it is time to prepare your lawn for the cold weather that is on its way.

Many people believe that preparing their lawn is as simple as giving it one last mow and letting winter begin, but there are many more things you can do to keep your lawn in great condition for next spring. Here are a few of the most important elements of lawn maintenance this spring!


The summer heat is hard on your lawn, so before entering the next extreme, it is important to repair the damage and reseed. If it is getting close to the cold season in your area, you should choose a seed with a fast germination period so your seeds will begin to sprout before winter hits.

dreamstime_xxl_23987790Plant Trees

When you plant trees in the fall, you give them a longer season to establish roots. One of the main difficulties that faces trees throughout the year is the heat of the summer, so fall planting gives your trees a chance to grow stronger before summer.

Start Your Spring Bulbs

Although spring isn’t for several months now, this is the time to begin preparing your beautiful lawn for next year. By selecting the bulbs you want to light up your lawn now, you will be able to ensure a beautiful and colorful spring!

Mulch around Trees and Flower Beds

Make sure to mulch your plants of all kinds before the winter begins. This will help your plants to be as successful and lush as possible come spring.

Getting your lawn ready for spring is an important part of fall preparation, so don’t forget to get started today!