Landscaping is one of the best ways you can complement the beauty and architecture of your home. However, navigating that fine line between which flowers match and which ones clash can be challenging. Regardless of the color or shape of your home, there are several things you can do to determine which flowers will make your home and landscape look its best.

These three tips will help you learn exactly how to choose the flowers that best match your home.

Compliment Your Home’s Architecture

What is the architecture of your home? Is it Victorian? Ranch-style? Modern? The type of your house will help you determine exactly what type of flowers you should be choosing for your lawn and flowerbeds. Consider taking some time to visit the local library or to do some digging on the Internet to find houses similar to yours with landscaping that appeals to you. Victorian houses, for example, typically shine with roses, lilies, topiaries, and ferns. Modern homes, on the other hand, are highlighted with geometrically shaped plants and blooms like Daylilies

Choose Your Colors And Consider Contrast

Planting an array of yellow tulips against your yellow-colored house won’t make much of an impression on either your home or your gardening efforts. Blue and red flowers, however, could really complement the entire appeal of your property. When shopping for flowers, choose colors that will stand out against the color of your home.

  • Homes with violet hues – use flowers in shades of yellow
  • Homes with shades of green – use colors of red in the garden
  • Homes with tones of blue – use orange flowers and similar colors

It should be noted too, that when working in flowerbeds further away from the house, you can and should integrate flowers similar in color to your home. For example, if your home is red, use white and blue flowers in beds close to the house. In flowerbeds away from your home, use the same color scheme but ensure that red is the dominant color.

Try The Triad Approach

The triad color scheme is a popular approach to use when planning your planting strategy. The word triad refers to three different colors in the color wheel that all work together to create a profound effect on your landscaping. The two triad options include:

  • Violet, orange, and green
  • Red, yellow, and blue

These colors work together to create a unique atmosphere for your lawn. Incorporating dark colors like blue, purple, green, and even pink, can appear cool and calm even in extreme heat. Include these colors in your garden if you wish to have a soft mood and if your home has neutral colors.

On the other hand, bright colors like reds, oranges, and yellows are great for drawing attention and making large spaces seem smaller. Use bright colors in areas of your home which you’d like to highlight like a front entrance, seating area, artwork, patio, deck, etc.
Instead of haphazardly planting flowers around your home this season, go the extra mile in creating a unique landscape that complements your house and your knack for gardening. For professional help getting your garden to look its best, contact WeedPro, today!