For those of you who are suffering the winter blues, there is some good news; before you know it, summer will be here and with it perfect temperatures and sunny, long days. The kids will be home because they don’t have to go to school, the dog will take long naps under the tree in the backyard and you will enjoy iced beverages watching the kids play on in the yard.

If you close your eyes, you can see the sweat dripping from your glass of iced tea and feel the hot wind wafting through your hair.

While you sit there and dream about summer, you are probably thinking about all of the fun activities you and the family will be doing. You will take full advantage of your big yard to be sure. But just imagine for one moment how your summer would be if your yard was full of dead grass and you suffered poor landscaping. If this was the case, you probably wouldn’t spend as much time engaging in outdoor activities. In fact, you might just be too embarrassed to be seen in your own backyard. That would be a shame.

So before it comes to that, you should seriously consider a professional landscaping service in Alpharetta that can also mow your lawn and keep it free from weeds, like WeedPro Lawn Care for example. This makes perfect sense if you want your lawn looking great come spring and ready for the multitude of backyard activities you have planned this summer.

And if you would like to spend more time in your yard this summer but aren’t sure what to do, here is a list of wonderful summer activities for the entire family.

Neighborhood Talent Show

You have a little talent no doubt, and your kids show signs of stardom as well. So it would make perfect sense to set up a mini stage, invite the neighbors over and host a talent show, In fact, you could have the neighbors showcase their talents as well. You could serve refreshing iced beverages, burgers and hot dogs and make ice cream sundaes. It would be a memorable afternoon for all involved.

Throw Your Own Concert

Sure, the kids are all excited about seeing their favorite performers in concert. But big-ticket concerts are expensive, so they just have to wait until they have jobs to go see Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. But this doesn’t mean they are totally out of luck, because you always have an ace up your sleeve.

You see, there are local musicians who would play a concert in your backyard for a very small fee. In fact, we are willing to bet you can find a band who does cover songs who would play for burgers and beer. We are guessing Smoke on the Water is on their set list.

Amusement Park

Amusement parks are a popular destination for people of all ages. But you are limited in the number of times you visit them because they are rather expensive once you include food and rides. Now, you aren’t going to have a Ferris wheel at your backyard amusement park, but you will have a face painting station and a tattoo station. The tattoos will be fake, of course, but the kids will still love them.

You will also serve amusement park foods including burgers, corn dogs and fried desserts.

Camping Adventure

Camping in your backyard is just as fun as heading to a campsite, except you don’t have to drive anywhere. You will need to pitch a tent, of course, and start a fire. The barbecue grill can second as your campfire. You will also need plenty of food, beverages and all the ingredients for smores. You will want to break out a deck of cards or a board game to keep busy by the fire.

You can bring flashlights to shine while telling ghost stories.

Put on a Play

The possibilities of a backyard theater are endless. Pick a play, select roles and help the kids make costumes, practice their lines and prepare for opening night. Make sure you get the whole play on film so you can relive the moment next winter.

Of course, none of this will be possible if you have an unhealthy and ugly yard. So give WeedPro a call today.