What are you doing this weekend? If you are like millions of other American families, you are excited to get outside and enjoy some spring activities. You know, make the most of this lovely weather.

What’s that? You can’t plan anything this weekend because you have to do lawn work? That’s a shame. If only there were a landscaping service in Alpharetta you could call to take care of that for you. then you would be free to do something exciting and fun with the family. Anything would sure beat having to rake and aerate the lawn to be sure.

Well, it looks as though you have two choices; you can call WeedPro and enjoy a weekend outing with the family or you can stay home, work on your lawn this weekend and read about the activities you could be doing.

Fly a Kite

Why go fly a kite? The phrase does have a negative connotation, but the activity itself is very fun.

Kite flying is a typical pastime here in the states, yet when you grow older, we tend to forget how much fun it can be. Let’s see, it has all the ingredients of a fun and healthy activity. It is something you do outdoors and mom, dad and the kids get fresh air and a dose of vitamin D from being exposed to sunlight. You do run around trying to get the kite into the air, so the family gets some much-needed exercise. And kite flying is a great way to relieve some of that built-up stress. Can’t say that spending the day landscaping is going to be as fun as flying a kite.

Go on a Bike Ride

It’s that time of year to break out the bikes and hit a mountain trail or the open road. Hands down, biking is one of the best family activities you can do this spring.

You remember how it felt as a kid, racing down your street with the breeze tickling your face. The pleasures of riding a bike are undeniable. Taking a spin on two wheels is a good way to boost your mood, engage your muscles and refresh your soul.

Plan a Family Hike

One of the best things about spring is that the weather is perfect for a nature hike and the places you go hiking aren’t busy until summer. In addition to breathing the fresh air, moving your muscles and soaking in the sun, hiking in nature is a great way for your family to disconnect from technology and talk about the things in life that matter.

Go Camping

Are there rules that state you can’t go camping until July? We think not.

You love your hairdryer and Keurig coffee maker, but all of those modern comforts are making you soft. Escape the daily grind by taking the family camping.

That’s right, leave the iPad at home, turn your cell phone off and allow yourself to decompress without the pressure of electronic devices always going off. You work hard all week and need a break, what better place to find silence than at a campsite.

Go on a Picnic

Putting together a family picnic is as easy as stopping by the local deli, buying some gourmet sandwiches and heading off to nice spot off a nature trail or at a park.

With so much going on in people’s lives, there seem to be fewer and fewer opportunities when family members can actually enjoy each other’s company. Staying engaged with your family helps build stronger bonds and fosters warmth. love and security. And you know that getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city is great for your mental health.

Go Fishing

When you think of activities that burn calories, fishing usually doesn’t come to mind. However, studies have shown that fishing is a great way to strengthen muscle tone and improve overall health. It is also a fun way to spend the day.

Spending time outside and gazing upon the glistening water of a lake improves your ability to concentrate and it gives you plenty of opportunities to have a talk with your kids.

Of course, none of these activities happen on the weekend unless you have a lawn service that frees up your time. Call WeedPro today.