Starting a garden has plenty of perks. They are aesthetically pleasing, they provide a plethora of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, and with the right care they can act as a small sustainable ecosystem. But did you also know that gardens can also improve the sustainability of your lawn?

Here are the top three benefits of having a garden in your lawn.

Gardens Make For Perfect Compost Material

By adding garden compost to your soil, you can create a lush green lawn and boost the overall health of other garden plants. Garden compost also has other benefits including:

  • Improved water drainage
  • Slowly releases nutrients and stimulates root growth
  • Reduces problems due to soil-borne plant diseases
  • Prevents erosion of protective and beneficial top soil
  • Helps balance pH and alkaline levels in most soils

Gardens Attract “Good” Bugs

Gardens attract beneficial insects like ladybugs, lacewings, flower flies, predatory bugs, bees, and more. Contrary to popular belief, these bugs actually defend your garden and lawn against harmful pests like mole crickets, pillbugs, spittlebugs and chinch bugs. Furthermore, gardens can also be a safe haven for worms and other organisms that provide your soil with organic nutrients and natural fertilizers.

Gardens Reduce The Size of Your Lawn

Having an expansive lawn can be wonderful, but upkeep can be incredibly demanding. Reduce the size of your lawn without forsaking visual appearance by replacing some of your lawn with a beautiful, full garden. By planting your garden with native plants, your grass will be less affected by foreign roots and your soil will benefit from the natural nutrients.

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