Georgia flowers lemons picnic sunny
The sunny and moist climate of Georgia makes for lush conditions to plant and cultivate a variety of flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees. Whether you have a knack for gardening, or you are looking for some easy, fuss-free plants to liven up your landscape, WeedPro has some suggestions for planting a healthy and beautiful home garden.

For the moderately shady side of your home:

  • Hosta – Hosta is a low-maintenance perennial that thrives in more shaded areas of your garden. Georgia Hosta Bulb Flower
    Once this plant’s roots are established, it can withstand almost any soil and will continue to grow, adding depth to your landscape. Try a regal Green “Royal Standard” or blue-tinted “Blue Cadet”. Fertilization and slug control is crucial to the success of these shade-lovers; check out our options on 100% Natural Fertilizers and Organic Insect Control.
  • Fern – Ferns are great at standing up to most weather. Unlike flowers that only bloom certain times of year, ferns remain attractive all year long. Try a coppery “Autumn Fern” or a “Japanese Painted Fern” — its leaves of silver and burgundy will pair nicely with any blue-leaved hosta.

Georgia magnolia treesFor areas in direct sunlight:

  • Siberian Iris – Add some bright colors and butterfly-like blooms with this iris that grows best in full sun and damp soil; conditions that are abundant in Georgia. These flowers are suited for low-
    maintenance upkeep and come in an array of colors, such as Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and White.
  • Magnolia – The Magnolia Grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ packs all of the fragrant, Southern beauty of a traditional magnolia, but in a smaller size. The mix of green foliage with a clean pop of the white flower adds stunning appeal to your landscape and will grow in the same moist and acidic soil as the iris.

Trees to plant to add a little more shade:

  • American Yellowwood – A native medium-sized tree (30-50 feet tall) that is ideal for urban gardens. True to its name, this tree’s leaves turn a nice golden yellow during the fall season. While in full bloom late spring, 12-14 inch hanging stems don fragrant white blooms. Best in full sun, the Yellowwood’s roots grow deep and can withstand drought-like conditions once established. The great bonus to this tree is that it works well with other plants growing underneath its canopy of small tree Yoshino Japanese Cedarshade.
  • ‘Yoshino’ Japanese Cedar – This smaller tree (20-30 feet tall) is ideal for smaller gardens looking to add a little vertical dimension. This fast-growing tree can grow in the sun or the shade and is perfect to use for hedges to create a more distinguished foundation around your contemporary home or to add privacy by screening in your property.

Take advantage of Georgia’s moisture-rich, sunshine-filled days to add color and variety to your budding garden, and let WeedPro’s Traditional Plus Award Winning, year-round lawn care service in the Atlanta area do the rest.