Updating the landscaping around your home adds a little flair to your curb appeal and leads to a healthier yard. Check out these 11 tips to give your landscape a makeover without having to scrape the bottom of the piggy bank.

  • DIY Rock Edging

For that beautiful rock-edged look, don’t spend the money on expensive bricks and start collecting rocks. Clean out rocks from your backyard, or offer to take unruly rocks off the hands of your neighbors, and you’ll be able to edge your flower garden for free.

  • Plant Big Impact Colors

flowers-garden-colorful-colourful-largeYou don’t have to plant an abundance of flowers for your garden to look great; stick with one or two brightly colored plants distanced proportionately for a vivid look.

  • Till and Aerate

Want to till and aerate your garden and lawn, but also want to use the appropriate equipment without a huge rental fee? Collaborate with neighbors and chip in for a rental you can all use.

  • Fertilize

Start composting your kitchen refuse for natural fertilizer. Leave grass clippings on the lawn to break down and deliver recycled nutrients. WeedPro offers affordable, 100% natural fertilizer and organic insect control applied by trained specialists to protect your landscape investments; see if we serve your area.

  • Prune & Weed

Use that elbow grease and start pulling weeds. One of the cheapest ways to improve your landscaping is by ridding it of nutrient-stealing weeds. Pruning keeps shrubs and trees healthy, avoiding expensive replacement.

  • Share

pexels-photo-largeSee a neighbor’s rose bush taking over his yard? Offer to take a few cuttings which you can then propagate and grow in your own yard.

  • Shop Smart

Buying plants in fall when nurseries are trying to get rid of them for the season can save you money and score you some great deals. Also, buying native plants requiring less water and maintenance will save you in the long run. Check yard sales and online classifieds for used planters and flowerpots.

  • Split Plants

You can actually buy one larger plant, like Hosta, and divide it up and plant each piece in different parts of the yard. This allows you to stretch your dollar even further.

  • Decorative Paths

home-169540_960_720Paths look great, but flagstone and gravel can be pricey. Consider making paths from wood chips, pine needles, and even shredded leaves.

  • Don’t Overplant

Less can be more when initially planting. If carefully selected and cared for, plants will grow as they mature, but too many selections will cause overgrowth and crowd out slower-growing plants.

  • Hire a Professional

    To ensure the safety and health of your landscaping, hire a WeedPro specialist to manage all of your seasonal care needs. WeedPro offers deals and packages for a wide range of budgets; contact us today for your free quote.