1. Flowers to Brighten Your Garden During the Georgia Winter

    Here in Georgia, we're fortunate to have mild winters that keep our lawns and gardens looking better through the winter months that many other places. The warmer climate is just one of the many reasons we love living here. However, our weather still undergoes some changes in the fall that may leave …Read More

  2. 5 Reasons to Choose A Lawn Care Professional

    Maintaining a beautiful lawn can be much more work than you may initially assume. In order to have lush, even grass and attractive flowers, bushes and trees, you must complete regular lawn care chores that can be both taxing and time consuming. That’s why it’s advisable to hire a professional la…Read More

  3. How Gardens Can Benefit Your Lawn

    Starting a garden has plenty of perks. They are aesthetically pleasing, they provide a plethora of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, and with the right care they can act as a small sustainable ecosystem. But did you also know that gardens can also improve the sustainability of your lawn? Here ar…Read More

  4. 3 Spring Seeding Tips In Alpharetta, GA

    For many lawns in the Georgia area, tall fescue is the most popular type of grass to plant. Fescue is a perennial grass that grows quickly throughout the spring and fall when many warm-season turf grasses become dormant and turn brown. Not only is fescue grass easy to seed, but it also takes well in…Read More

  5. 5 Tips For Winter Lawn Protection in Georgia

    From November through March, the average temperature in Alpharetta, Georgia is just 34-degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, temperatures below 41-degrees Fahrenheit can cause growth stunting in most grass types and can even result in permanent damage during prolonged winter temperatures. Thankfully, t…Read More

  6. Weed Whacking in the Rain, Is it Safe?

    Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix. But when you’re stuck in a rainstorm while weed whacking, are you in danger? We’ll explain. Ever since the 1600’s when English scientist William Gilbert made a careful, detailed study of electricity, we’ve known that the flow of an elect…Read More

  7. What Are the Advantages Of Using Organic Lawn Care?

    In the mid 1950’s, Americans became enamored with clean-cut, carpet-like lawns. It was during this era, too, that homeowners fancied the idea of using pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides to rid their yards of damaging weeds. Though effective, pesticides are loaded with chemicals t…Read More

  8. Convert Your Lawn Into An Outdoor Movie Theater

    Ah summer time, so many fun activities to do, but where do you start? Make sure you put this fun evening opportunity on your summer to-do list... a family movie night. A movie right in your own backyard that is! The perfect show time is after a long, hot day in the sun. When the air finally cools of…Read More

  9. Using Curb Appeal to Help Sell Your home

    When selling your home it’s tempting to only focus on how the inside looks, as this is where people will actually spend the majority of their time. However, most home buyers won’t even look inside your house if they don’t fall in love with the outside first! The yard may not seem like a big…Read More