It’s Time To Aerate & Overseed

We are currently scheduling for overseeding and lawn aeration services, and we’re excited to announce the début of our signature series premium seed blend which is also bonded with a microbial protectant.


Signature Series Blend is a lower growing, dark green tall fescue blend which forms a dense turf for sod production, home lawns, parks, athletic fields, and golf course roughs. It contains three elite tall fescue varieties. These varieties are moderately low growing, fine textured and persistent under tough environmental conditions. Signature Series has been a top-performing blend throughout the transition zone and has shown good disease resistance to Brown Patch, Fusarium Patch, and Net Blotch.

Protectant Details: This year we are adding extra protection to our seed blend; by bonding with MYCO Advantage seed inoculums. This improves seed establishment during overseeding by improving the partnership between the emerging seed roots, establishing turf roots and the beneficial soil fungi. This bonding protectant is our seed vendors exclusive blend of three carefully selected species of endo mycorrhizae fungal spores. These beneficial fungi build a natural microbial system, which greatly enhances plant growth, vigor, and tolerance of environmental extremes. MYCO Advantage is a liquid seed inoculation of mycorrhizal fungi that colonize roots and extend into the surrounding soil forming an essential link between plant and soil resources. About 90% of the world’s plant species benefit from mycorrhizae with these endomycorrhizal fungi. Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi expand into the surrounding soil and greatly increase the root’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, while improving plant yields and health.

Of course, aerating your lawn before this overseeding takes place is a great way to make ensure the seed grows as much as possible. Contact us today and we’ll get your lawn looking better than ever!